What is Mind-Body Therapy?

Mind-Body Therapy is an approach to healing and growth that looks at a person as an integrated whole: mind, body, and spirit. In contrast to traditional psychotherapy or talk therapy, which is focused on one’s life history and the workings of one’s mind; the Mind-Body therapist appreciates not only these aspects, but is also interested in the relationship between a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual experiences. This approach is also called Holistic or Integrative. Techniques used in Mind-Body Therapy include mindfulness, yoga therapy, hypnosis, meditation, nutritional and wellness counseling, guided imagery, EMDR, neurofeedback, and biofeedback among others. Stephen incorporates a variety of these tools to customize and individualize his approach to working with each of his clients.

Psychotherapy is usually a very mental activity. People are talking about thoughts, feelings, memories and goals. This is all valuable work and is a significant part of what happens in my sessions. However, in recent times there have been a growing number of therapists working with the mind-body connection (somatic psychology) and others working with the spiritual realm (transpersonal psychology). Stephen’s approach to therapy is truly integrative because it incorporates the mind, body, and spirit. The following are examples of Mind-Body Therapies:

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