Take Control of Your Life

What would it be like if you were free to live fully? Where do you want to be in your life?

By learning skills and tools to build insight and self-regulate, you will develop mastery of your mind and feelings. Stephen partners with you, using his specialized training in Mind-Body medicine, mindfulness, yoga, hypnotherapy as well as traditional psychotherapy, to reach your goals and create a life you'll love living. 

Right NOW is the best time for change! Heal from the past and grow into a future you create. 

The following are composite stories that describe some common themes:

Mind-Body Therapy

Client* A: "I often get caught up in my own thoughts... stuck in my head. I was anxious and even depressed, feeling disconnected with my feelings, my body, and even with my self. I chose to work with Stephen because he knows how to work with the mind-body connection to help people. Stephen helped me to trust my inner knowledge, get in touch with who I really am, and feel more alive!"

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Life Design

Client* B: "I felt stuck in my life. It was like I was living someone else's life. Enslaved by my own "shoulds," I wanted to take charge of my life and to live with intention. Stephen helped me get in touch with my core values and needs, while empowering and guiding me towards designing my own life, a life that I always wanted but thought I could never have. I feel so grateful I gave myself this gift!"

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