What is Breath Retraining?

Breath retraining involves re-learning how to breathe the way we did as infants before the disruption caused by years of tension, trauma, and repression. Scientific studies demonstrate that breathing more fully, more slowly, and in particular patterns can help manage anxiety, mood, and energy levels. Breath control is one of the most direct, non-intrusive ways to influence parasympathetic nervous activity (associated with the 'relaxation response') and is available to us at any moment we may need it. Breath is a powerful way to achieving physiological coherence, a kind of coordination of body functions such as heart rate, brain waves, and others. Knowing whether you over-breathe or breathe shallowly can give you clues to understanding your symptoms. Stephen can teach you a variety of breathing techniques that are helpful for particular problems you may be facing. Learning how to use your breath to calm yourself in a stressful situation, help you fall asleep, or manage intense anger is a skill from which anyone can benefit. Breath retraining can be supported through the use of Biofeedback.

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